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Dream Come True: Woman Finds Sister After 33 Years

SISTERS REUNITED: (L-R) Maria, Melissa and Stamatia, pictured with their cousin Vivian (far right), met for the first time after 33 years. Their mother, Georgia Bouras passed away 28 years ago

Published in The National Herald, February 18, 2006 Issue
Authored by Theodore Kalmoukos
Special to The National Herald

I am excited to announce that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 



BOSTON - Finding her biological family was a life's dream for coffee house manager Melissa Jackson. After 33 years, the dream has started to come true, and it's a dream with a distinctly Greek twist. 

Mrs. Jackson's life story could have very easily been turned into a Hollywood script, but it's as real as it gets, so it would have been a script based on a true story. 

The California-raised 33-year old was adopted by an American family from a poor Greek family when she was still an infant. “I was given up for adoption in Athens, Greece by my mother Georgia Boura,” Mrs. Jackson told the National Herald.

Her adopted parents, Jack and Lee Jackson, were in Greece at the time. Mr. Jackson served in the United States Air Force and was in Athens on assignment. “My parents couldn't have children, and had long wanted to adopt a baby, so they inquired at a hospital in Athens about adoption policies,” she said. 

Melissa had just been born there prematurely at the time. “I was 3 pounds and 12 ounces, but I survived. I was adopted when I was only five weeks old,” she said.

It all happened very fast, she said. “There was an ad in a newspaper; my parents came to the hospital; they saw me; and then went to my (biological) mother's house,” she said. 

Her mother was very poor, and was living in a small house with her other children. “She couldn't afford to keep me. She had to give me away,” Melissa said. “They all lived in a very small house, with no money. I had a sister, Maria, who was 3 years old at the time, and a brother, Vassilis.”

She said that a friend of her adoptive parents, Bob Hill, who worked as a missionary in Greece, helped the Jacksons with translating and negotiations at hospital. The papers were signed expeditiously, and Melissa became an adopted child. 

For the next two years, the Jacksons and their baby stayed in the Athenian suburb of Glyfada. They then moved to Duarte, California where the little girl attended a Christian School. 

She said her adopted parents never concealed her adoption from her. “They always told me that I was special,” she recalled. “They used to say I was a 'present from Greece,' and made it sound like a very special thing to be Greek.” 

As she was growing up, however, Melissa needed more specific answers. 

She told the Herald that, during her teenage years, she experienced a great sense of anxiety about the fact that her biological parents had given her away. “As a teenager, I often felt that they gave me away because they didn't love me,” she explained. “In my early twenties, I developed a strong desire to meet my biological mother. On the other hand, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to handle it emotionally,” she said. 

“It's a great thing to be adopted by somebody who wants you and loves you, but even if you have been loved and have had a good life as an adopted child, I think that you still experience a sense of emptiness because you don't know who brought you into this world,” she added. “Whose eyes do you have? Who do you look like?” 

After 33 years of wondering, she finally insisted on answers to those questions three months ago. Melissa went to seek assistance from her adopted parents' old friend, Mr. Hill, who once again became an instrumental mediator in helping her. But this time, it was in order for her to be reunited with her biological family. 

“In October of 2005, Bob was in the States on a trip. I went to him and said, 'I need to know who my mother is.' He had tears in his eyes,” she recalled. 

By the end of the following month, Mr. Hill had returned to Greece and had taken action. “He went to the Antennae television network, which jumped on the story immediately,” Melissa said. 

Melissa's friend, Risha, was also very encouraging. “She introduced me to Dina Giannikis, a teller at Union Bank of California, this past summer, who also took my papers to the Antennae program, 'You Have a Letter.' ” 

By December 22, Melissa, along with her friend Risha, was on a plane to Greece for the first time in her life.

The station had located a member of her biological family, her elder sister Stamatia, who didn't even know of her younger sister's existence. Stamatia was ten years old when Melissa was adopted, and was not living with her mother at the time the new baby was born. “She was living with her father, so she had no idea about me,” Melissa said. 

Stamatia was flown to the television station from Crete. “She had never been on a plane and came on the air without knowing the reason why,” Melissa said. 

When Melissa showed up, her sister recognized one of her features. “She kept saying I had her mother's eyes,” Melissa recalled. “I don't know any Greek, so I had no idea what was going on.”


Soon, however, both women found out the truth about one another. “We embraced each other, kissed and hugged and cried, we just connected. She called me her 'baby,' and all we could say was 'I love you, I love you,' and held hands for hours.” 

It was then that Melissa found out the truth about her mother and the rest of her family. 

“My mother passed away 28 years ago in Chicago, Illinois from a heart attack. She was visiting my brother Vassilis, who had immigrated to the United States at age 19.” Tragically, Vassilis also died two years ago, at 43, from the same condition which afflicted his mother.

“Stamatia and I talked about the conditions my mother lived in; how poor she was; how much she loved me; and that she cried for a long time after she gave me away. My mother worked for Olympic Airways as a cleaning lady, and that's how she was eventually able to fly to Chicago. All my life I thought I would be happy just to have her picture. I have two pictures now,” Melissa said. 

The following day, Melissa met Maria. “She was hesitant at first,” she recalled about meeting her other sister. 

Stamatia told Melissa that she and Maria could be twins. 

Melissa said she is now “the happiest that I have ever been. I have made peace with myself. Now, I have a blood family,” she said. 

She is now embracing her Greek heritage, which she missed out on all these years. She told the Herald that she is now enrolled in College to become a police officer. She said she started working fulltime at the age of 16, and neglected her education. 

“I moved out of the house when I was 18, but unfortunately, I didn't go to college. I'm the general manager of a coffee house. I have about 20 employees who work under me,” she said. 

Hellenism is now part of her life and her education. 

“I am learning Greek with the help of CD's and a computer program. I was going to enroll at Greek school, but I can't because I work 55 hours a week. But I'm also listening to Greek music, and I really love it, and I'm very interested in learning about Orthodoxy. I want to learn everything about my people and heritage,” Melissa said. 

She is having a hard time pronouncing her sister Stamatia's name, she added, and there are even more names to learn now. “I met my first cousin, Vivi. She gave me a gold pin that has been passed down in the family.” 

Melissa now hopes to also locate her biological father. 

“I hope he reads the National Herald. We all have different fathers, and that's what hurts. My mother was married three times. My biological father was considerably older than my mother,” she said. 

“But I want to meet him. All I know is they called him by his nickname, 'old man.' I don't know his real name yet.”  


The following obituaries and article were published in the January 21, 2006 issue of The National Herald.  I am providing them as a possible tool for Hellenic genealogy research.


Byron ZAHARIAS, Immigrant Physician who Gave his Heart to Helping his Community, Passes Away at 81

By Linda Davis Contra Costa Times 
ALAMO, Calif. - Byron Zaharias, believed to be the first physician to set up practice in Alamo, died on December 30 in Red Bluff from a sudden illness. He was 81.

Zaharias, a Greek immigrant, made a name for himself as a community leaderin many areas during his 27 years in Alamo, advocating for a new high school and serving as the first committee chairman of the emergency room at John Muir Medical Center when the hospital opened in 1965. He also was the hospital's chief of staff in 1981.

Zaharias was a staff surgeon at Kaiser Hospital when he moved his family from Oakland to Contra Costa in the 1950's. He opened a private medical practice in 1959 in Alamo, which grew to become Alamo Medical Group.

San Ramon Valley school district's director of secondary education Rob Stockberger remembers Zaharias well.

"He was the team doctor for the football team and a community member who helped move the notion of a second high school," Stockberger said. "He definitely supported the development of Monte Vista High. He was a very active parent in the new school."

Zaharias was born into a medical family: his mother was a nurse, his father a physician. He came to the United States in 1946 and became a citizen. He met and married his college sweetheart, Joyce while attending school at UC Berkeley as a pre-med student. He went to medical school at Boston University and did his internship as a surgeon in an Army MASH unit during the Korean War.

A possible typo in the Army recruitment records changed his name from Zaharakis to Zaharias. He changed his name because that was easier than to change Army records, he used to tease.

Zaharias was devoted to his medical career, but he always had time for his family, his son Gary said. He recalled how his father took the family to the opening of the Seattle World's Fair in 1962: "Dad got home at 6 PM one Thursday, and said, 'Kids, we're going on a road trip.' We were at the World's Fair the next day. He did spontaneous things like that. We were always going snow and waterskiing and other family outings."

In 1986, Zaharias moved to Discovery Bay, where he had always wanted to live on the water. After he lost his wife in 1988, he went to work at Johnston Atoll in the South Pacific as a medical specialist for Raytheon Corp. There, he met his second wife, Dee Ann, whom he married in 1993. 

Zaharias was also an avid volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation and Shasta Community Health Center. He loved fishing and playing poker in his spare time. 

"He lived a full life," his son Gary said.

Dr. Zaharias was born on February 24, 1924 in Thessaloniki. He is survived by hiswife Dee Ann of Cottonwood; his sister, Leya of Athens, Greece; sons and daughters-in-law Dean & Wendy Zaharias of Sonora, Gary & Krystal Zaharias of Tracy, and Ken & Pam Zaharias of Brentwood; seven grandchildren; and five great grandchildren. 

A viewing and prayer service was held at Hull's Chapel in Walnut Creek on January 5. Funeral services were held at the San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church on January. Burial was at the Alamo Cemetery. 

Memorial gifts can be made to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, 3550 N. Central Avenue #300, Phoenix, AZ 85012-2127 or the American Cancer Society, 800- ACS-2345. 

The Contra Costa Times published the above on January 5. The original headline is, “Zaharias Gave his Heart to Improving Community.”


Presbytera TOULA-EXACOUSTI MEKRAS (nee PANAGIOTOPOULOS), Age 82 (includes photo)

Born September 7th 1923 fell asleep peacefully to the Lord on Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 after a very long illness.

Toula was preceded in death by her husband Reverend Protopresbyter Demosthenes J. Mekras whom she worked with side by side in his mission of Orthodoxy and dedication to Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral. She came to Miami in November 1944 from Lowell, MA as a young bride and until the time of her illness spent her life devoted to the church. 

Toula’s strong commitment to her husband and Orthodoxy made her one of the most dynamic and accomplished Presbyteras in the Archdiocese. Toula was a great organizer with tremedous vision. She sewed church vestments for her husband, robes for the choir and altar boys. She had mothers sewing magnificent beaded vests and evzone skirts for the marching Evzone Dance and Drill Team; she organized 150 Greek Orthodox youth to perform throughout Florida and march in NYC. Toula was given the Saint Paul Medal by the late Archbishop Iakovos, the highest honor bestowed to a person. Toula was active in Philoptochos and served as President as well as having held other offices. She was always coordinating activities for Philoptochos. With the help and support of many women she published a wonderful Greek cookbook “Marching to the Greek Cuisine” which to date has made a profit of over $62,000 to be used for Cathedral and auditorium renovations. Toula raised funds to purchase flags bearing the emblem of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem to be flown at all the Orthodox monasteries in the Holy Land. Toula was “way ahead of her times” having been an independent merchant on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables in the late 50’s with “Cynthia’s-Coray”, a ladies ready-to-wear and accessory boutique. Toula brought South Florida its first Greek-American Radio program “Grecian Melodies” on WEDR. Toula chaperoned Miss Universe 1964 when Miss Greece Corinna Tsopei was crowned on Miami Beach. They traveled the world together for a year. Toula was also a successful realtor who became a member of the Keyes Million Dollar Club very early in her real estate career. A devoted life pertner and a loving Mother and Yiayia. It has been difficult for her family to watch her fail over the past 11+years. Our family thanks Griselda Reyes for her loving care to our Mother over the years. Also preceded in death by her parents George and Maria Panagiotopoulos, sisters Athena Venizelos and Stella Karras, brothers Perry and Stavros Panos. Toula will be deeply mourned by her surviving family: daughter Evangeline (John) Scurtis, sons Dr. George (Satira) Mekras and Dr. John (Pamela) Mekras. Grandchildren Anastasia (Panagiotis) Arvanitis, Cynthia (Alexander) Rodriguez, Constantine (Hillary) Scurtis, Demosthenes George (Lourdes), Peter, John, Demosthenes John, Cynthia, Samuel and Maria Mekras.

Great-grandchildren Ariana and Joana Arvanitis, C. Jonathan and Kristian Scurtis and Natasha Rodriguez. Sister Christina Matson and brother Aristomenis (Mary) Panos. Sisters-in-Law Marie Panos and Mary Mekras, as well as many nieces, nephews, and cousins. Our family has been greatly diminished with her death. Funeral services were held on Saturday, January 7th, 2006 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, (Coral Way), Miami, FL. Burial was private.

Donations to: St Sophia, Mekras Memorial Fund, 244 SW 24 Rd., Miami, FL 33129.


Steven J. POULOS, World War II Hero Found Murdered in his Utah Home

By Geoffrey Fattah & Brady Snyder, Desert Morning News

HOLLADAY, Utah - As a young American soldier in World War II, Steven J. Poulos took five German machine gun bullets while storming Omaha Beach in Normandy,France and lived to tell the tale.

But last Saturday afternoon, January 14, the 80-year-old Poulos was found by family shot dead in his Holladay home. The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office is treating the death as a homicide.

On a quiet winding street, yellow police tape roped off the house as investigators talked to neighbors standing outside to find out if anyone saw or heard any commotion.

Poulos was found on the floor of his home, near 2500 E. 4800 South, by his wife and visiting family members around 1:35 PM. 

"Initially, it looked like a medical problem, but they turned him over and found a bullet hole," said Salt Lake County Sheriff's spokesman Paul Jaroscak. Investigators are ruling out suicide due the location of the bullet wound, Jaroscak said.

Another mystery is a missing automobile from the residence. Jaroscak said family members reported that a maroon 1997 Subaru Legacy was being kept at the home by Poulos for an acquaintance. "We've contacted the car's owner, who said the vehicle should be there, but it's not," Jaroscak said.

Police are on the lookout for the vehicle, which has California plates with the number 4KO-B631. Anyone with information can contact the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office at 801-743-7000. 

Friends and neighbors were reeling from the shock of the news. They described Poulos and his wife, Billie Loukas, as well-respected members of their neighborhood and among the Greek Orthodox community. 

Although their last names are spelled differently, Jaroscak confirmed that Poulos is the cousin of well-known auto dealer Gus Paulos, who died of cancer on January 1 at age 64. 

Poulos was well known for his distinguished military service and his wit. 

"It's a great tragedy and great shock for us all," said Father Michael Kouremetis of the Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church in Holladay. "Steve was a lifelong member." 

After meeting with the family earlier, Kouremetis said the Poulos family is coping the best they can with the tragedy, and that the church community has gathered to support them.

"He was a war hero, and was injured in D-Day. He spent a lifetime in the car business, and was an active parish member," said William Souvall, second vice president of the church's Parish Council. "He was very outgoing and charismatic. He always had a funny story to tell, and was a pleasure to be around. I can't believe it." 

Neighbors said they found it hard to believe someone would want to harm Poulos. "Steve was a charmer," said next-door neighbor Ralph Love, standing with his wife, Sherrie Love, outside their home. "They were the most super neighbors, very kind and very caring," Sherrie Love said. 

Sherrie Love said she was outside spreading breadcrumbs for squirrels when she saw the ambulance. Poulos' daughter wasin complete shock, the couple said. The couple also said they neither saw nor heard anything suspicious last Saturday afternoon. 

Poulos' wife also is known in the community for her singing voice and community service. Loukas is a noted opera singer and former public relations director for the Utah Opera and Ballet West. 

Poulos also was well known among veterans' groups, having taken five bullets during the war - one in the leg, one in the back, two in the side and another in the neck. 

He used to say one of those bullets would have been fatal, but was deflected by the gold cross he wore around his neck. 

Poulos spent two days pinned down on Omaha Beach, and that was after his unit - the 29th Infantry Division - struggled to make it to land after its landing craft, fearing mines, dropped them 100 yards away from shore. The water was deep and Poulos went straight for the bottom until he cut his gear loose and surfaced. A champion swimmer at South High, he survived the swim, crawled onto shore, took a rifle from the hands of an already dead G.I. and ducked. Others who were less fortunate drowned. 

Poulos had said he was not sure how he made it. "I didn't think I would come out of it," Poulos told the Deseret Morning News in 2002. "A lot of guys didn't. We had to fight like hell to get the hell off that beach." 

Poulos was awarded a purple heart, bronze medal, combat infantry badge and a blue ribbon citation, according to the Utah Daily Chronicle. He is expected to be the focus of a documentary exploring the stories of Utah veterans. 

Jeff Panos, producer for the KUED series, "Utah War Stories," said Poulos' story of heroism is the stuff of legends. "He was just one of the guys that you would find in 'Saving Private Ryan,' " Panos said. The series is expected to air next March. 

The Deseret Morning News published the above on January 15. The original headline is, “Auto Dealer Found Shot Dead in Home.”


DANOS, Christopher Vincent - 

Age 44; passed away suddenly at his home in Wales, MA on December 24, 2005. Born on July 26, 1961 in Springfield, MA he grew up in East Longmeadow and was a 1979 graduate of East Longmeadow High School. Chris attended Springfield Technical Community College where he obtained an Associates Degree in Laser Electro Optics. In 2000 he earned his BSEE, Summa Cum Laude from Western New England College. As an Electrical Engineer, Chris has been employed by IPG Photonics in Oxford for the past six years. An accomplished musician, Chris was a talented guitarist, drummer, singer, and songwriter. He shared his love of music through his performances in many local area venues. He is the beloved son of Leonard and Mary T. (Pellegrino) Danos of East Longmeadow. He is survived by his former wife and friend, Kathryn Mercier of Granby, MA. Chris was a loving, dedicated, and devoted father to his daughter, Natalie Danos and his son, Alexander Danos, both of Granby, MA, he also leaves his dear brother, John Danos of East Longmeadow, a dear sister Lynn Bluhm and her husband Richard of Palatine, IL, 3 nieces, 3 nephews, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Funeralservices were held on Saturday, December 31 at Forastiere Smith Funeral Home. A memorial scholarship is being established in Chris's name. Memorial Contributions, also, may be made in Chris's name to St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Western Massachusetts, 22 St. George Rd., Springfield MA .01104 or to MakeA-Wish Foundation of Western Mass., 181 Park Ave, Suite 12, W. Springfield MA 01089.


FOURTOUNES, "Fonda" Xenofon - 

After a lengthy illness at Toronto Western Hospital in Canada on Monday, December 26, 2005 at the age of 80 years. Beloved husband of Helen (nee Pappakonstantinou). Dear father of Maria Markos and her husband Ted, George Fourtounes, all of Guelph. Loved grandfather of Jory, Jenny and Kiyanah. Sadly missed by his sisters, Stathoulla Attanalis and Dina Makris both of Greece, brother Peter Fourtounes and his wife Tasia of Guelph, Canada. Predeceased by his son Kostas (Gus), his parents, George and Maria Fourtounes, sister Chrisoula and brother John. Service at the St George's Greek Orthodox Church, 50 Dovercliffe Road, Guelph, Canada on Friday, December 30, 2005. Memorial contributions to St. George's Greek OrthodoxChurch would be appreciated.


GEORGE, Alexander C. - 

Age 80; formerly of West Hartford, Conn.; died suddenly at his daughter's home on Monday, December 26 2005. Born in Hartford, he was a resident of West Hartford for 47 years before he and wife Bess moved to Boynton Beach, FL nearly two years ago. Affectionately known as “Pappy'” for most of his adult life, he was orphaned as a teenager, the youngest of five brothers. He graduated from Bulkeley High School before enlisting in the Army during World War II. Alex started his business career as a bond underwriter for the Hartford Insurance Company. He then made the lifelong switch to sales, first to the Eversharp Pen Co. and later with the Frank Williams Insurance Agency which was later to become a part of Connecticut General Insurance Co. He was a steward at both St. George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Hartford and St. Mark's Greek Orthodox Church of Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. George was an early member of Rockledge Golf Club and a 35 year member of the Avon Golf Club. In 1973, he won the AHEPA National Golf Tournament in Atlanta, GA. He was active on many committees at St. George's Church, serving on the dedication board for groundbreaking ceremonies of St. George's move to its current location.In addition to Bess, his wife of 52 years, he is survived by a daughter, Magdalen Manetas, and her husband, Peter, of Yardley, PA; a son, Chad George, and his wife Nancy, of West Hartford; six grandchildren, Alexander II (Tucker), Teddy, Caroline and Beibhinn George; and Katherine and Peter Manetas III. He is also survived by two brothers, Thomas George, of West Hartford; Christopher George, of Simsbury; a brother and sister-in-law, Peter and Frances Veleas, of Newington; and a sisterin-law, Claire George, of Newington. Funeral services were held Jan. 2 at St. George's Gr. Orth. Cathedral. Memorial contributions to St. George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 433 Fairfield Ave. Hartford, CT 06114.

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Hellenic Organization - Pan-Elian Federation of USA & Canada


Name of Organization:  Pan-Elian Federation of USA & Canada

PO BOX 5183, Astoria, New York

Facebook: Insert into Facebook search box - Pan-Elian Federation of USA & Canada - Πανηλειακή Ομοσπονδία



The Panelian Federation of USA & Canada, is the premier umbrella organization of a multitude of chapter Elian societies, located throughout the USA and Canada.

Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο Πανηλειακής Ομοσπονδίας ΗΠΑ & Καναδά 2016-2018
Executive Board of the Panelian Federation of USA & Canada 2016-2018

Supreme President - Anthony Papadopoulos, Esq. (New York)
Supreme V. President - Andreas Papadakos (Toronto)
Supreme 2nd V.P - Sotiris Konstantakopoulos (New York)
Supreme Secretary - Demetris Kostopoulos (New York)
Supreme Treasurer - Agis Triantafillopoulos (New Jersey)
Supreme Asst. Treasurer - Nikos Tentopoulos (Montreal)

Supreme Governor of Canada - George Harbilas (Montreal)
Supreme Governor of USA - Nikolaos Sinopoulos (New York)

Supreme Representative of Southern California- Dr. Ioannis Giannikopoulos
Supreme Representative of Virginia - Bobby Tsoukalas
Supreme Representative of NY - Panagiotis Pliakas
Supreme Representative of NJ - Pete Tsoukalas
Supreme Representative of Toronto - Sofianos
Supreme Representative of Wisconsin - George Dimitropoulos
Supreme Representative of Chicago - Thomas Mastrogiannopoulos

Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο Πανηλειακής Ομοσπονδίας ΗΠΑ & Καναδά 2014-2016
Executive Board of the Panelian Federation of USA & Canada 2014-2016

Supreme President - Anthony Papadopoulos (New York)
Supreme V. President - Andreas Papadakos (Toronto)
Supreme Secretary - Demetris Kostopoulos (New York)
Supreme Treasurer - Agis Triantafillopoulos (New Jersey)
Supreme Asst. Treasurer - Nikos Tentopoulos (Montreal)

Supreme Governor of Canada - George Harbilas (Montreal)
Supreme Governor of USA - Basilis Kafkas (Boston)

Supreme Representative of Southern California- Dr. Ioannis Giannikopoulos
Supreme Representative of Virginia - Bobby Tsoukalas
Supreme Representative of NY - Nikolaos Sinopoulos
Supreme Representative of NJ - Pete Tsoukalas
Supreme Representative of Toronto - Kondilo (Connie) Sofianos
Supreme Representative of Wisconsin - George Dimitropoulos
Supreme Representative of Chicago - Thomas Mastrogiannopoulos

Past Supreme Presidents (1988 – Present)
2014 – Present Anthony Papadopoulos, Esq. (New York)
2012 – 2014 Dimitris Kafkas, Esq. (Boston)
2010 – 2012 Loukas Maritsas (New Jersey)
2008 – 2010 George Panagoulopoulos (Boston)
2006 – 2008 Loukas Maritsas (New Jersey)
2004 – 2006 Prof. George Alexopoulos (Chicago)
2001 – 2004 Nikos Tentopoulos (Montreal)
1999 – 2001 Loukas Maritsas (New Jersey)
1997 – 1999 Vasilis Kafkas (Boston)
1995 – 1997 Sotiris Konstantakopoulos (New York)
1993 – 1995 Vasilis Kafkas (Boston)
1991 – 1993 Kostas Koutroubis (Toronto)
1989 – 1991 Nikos Tentopoulos (Montreal)
1988 – 1989 Andreas Bantounas (New York)

Hellenic Organization: Paneliakos Society of New York


Name of Organization:  Paneliakos Society of New York

PO Box 5819, Astoria, New York, NY 11105 - USA

Facebook:   Enter the following in Facebook search box - Paneliakos Society (Πανηλειακός Σύλλογος)

Website n/a


(Πανηλειακός Σύλλογος Νέας Υόρκης)
“The History”

The founding of the original Paneliakos Society of New York is unknown since no records exist as to when and by whom the society was first found. What is known, and told to us by Dionysios Danikas (Amaliada), is that the society existed prior to 1936. Further research revealed that the original society existed over 100 years ago in New York. In addition, page 193 of the book entitled <<ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΤΗΣ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΗΣ 1528-1948>> by Babis Malafouris, indicates that an Eleian Society was among the 35 Hellenic Societies that existed in 1904 in New York.

According to records from the New York State Department of State, on May 09, 1928, the PANILIAKI BROTHERHOOD OF ELION "HERMES", INC. was created. The NYS Department of State records also indicate that the name was changed on May 15, 1951 to ELION BROTHERHOOD HERMES INC. Aside from the aforementioned, we are currently not aware of any more details of those previously mentioned societies. It si believed that the society functioned until the late 1950’s.

Following the ELION BROTHERHOOD HERMES INC., with an influx of newly arrived Eleians a new society was formed having the name "AMALIAS NUMBER 6". The last two presidents of "Amalias Number 6" were Mr. Georgiou (Pyrgo) and Mr. Milonopoulos (Amaliada). The main supporters and contributors to the society were the famous Greek cinema and theatre executives, the brothers Spyro, George and Kostas Skouras (Skourohori). The members consisted of Jimmy Kabalinis (Amaliada), Socrates Diosis (Sabalia), George and Christos Pappas (Tragano), Konstantinos Lycoyannis (Tragano), Kostas Koubaroulis (Gastouni), Jimmy Mougios (Gastouni) and Father Diodoros Tsekouras (Mahou). Its final meeting took place in 1963.

On Christmas 1971, Mrs. Koula Malefaki (Dibri), Mr. George Tsekouras (Mahou) and Mr. Panagiotis Belokas (Pyrgo) (see picture below) using their own funds, placed an advertisement in the Greek Newspaper circulating in New York, inviting all the Eleians to gather together with the goal of re-creating the Society.

The first gathering consisted of many fellow Eleians who chose an Interim Board consisting of Kosta Liberi, Nikolao Touna, Konstantinos Lycoyannis, Eleia Tsekoura and Nikolao Bilini. On February 13, 1972, a General Meeting took place in the convention hall of the Holy Church of Saint Demetrios of Jamaica, NY, where the new Constitution/Charter was created. Elections were held on the same day creating the first President (Kosta Liberi), and Board of the newly established Paneliakos Society of New York. It was also decided that the emblem of the association would be the Olympic Flame.

1st Liberis, Konstantinos
2nd Plakoyiannis, Fotis
3rd Tsekouras, Elias
4th Tounas, Nikolaos
5th Lycoyannis, Konstantinos
6th Badounas, Andreas
7th Maritsas, Loukas
8th Badounas, Andreas
9th Konstantakopoulos, Sotirios
10th Argyropoulos, Andreas
11th Lycoyannis, Konstantinos
12th Pappas, Eleni
13th Ladas, Nikolaos
14th Bedenitis, Nikolaos
15th Kokkonis, Spyros
16th Xidias, Haralambos
17th Papadopoulos, Georgia (Xidias)
18th Dimitropoulos, Hleias
19th Konstantakopoulos, Sotirios
20th Kostopoulos, Nikos
21st Konstantakopoulos, Sotirios

Greeks in Alaska - U.S. Naturalization Records


Resources for genealogists here include indexes to naturalization records from 1888 to 1972 and probate records from 1883 to 1971, plus guidelines for requesting information from the archives. (FamilyTreeMagazine, December 2015)

You can view these records in either a PDF document or and Excel spreadsheet.  Below you will find 144 referenced records that have Greece as the place of birth.  The Line #s are from the Excel spreadsheet.

Line 38   - Adama, Stamateos - Declaration of Intention

Line 242 - Andrew, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 243 - Andrew, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 254 - Anthony, Mevikos - Declaration of Intention

Line 372 - Bambarakas, James - aka Bara, Jim - Declaration of Intention

Line 373 - Bambarakas, James - aka Baras, Jim - Petition for Naturalization

Line 380 - Barbaris, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 393 - Baroumis, George - Petition for Naturalization

Line 394 - Baroumis, George - Petition for Naturalization

Line 395 - Baroumis, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 419 - Batikis, Vasili - aka Drakos, Bill - Petition for Naturalization

Line 420 - Batikis, Vasili - Naturalization Petition Denied

Line 424 - Bavard, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 425 - Bavard, George - Petition for Naturalization

Line 426 - Bavardos, Michael John - Petition for Naturalization

Line 427 - Bavardos, Nicholas - Petition for Naturalization

Line 573 - Betros, Leonardos - aka Betros, Louos - Declaration of Intention

Line 833 - Buffas, Angelo - aka Butsos, Angelo - Petition for Naturalization

Line 930 - Carellis, Antonios - Declaration of Intention

Line 1027 - Catris, Louis - Declaration of Intention

Line 1038 - Chalmoukis, Demetrios - aka Halmas, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 1039 - Chalmoukis, Demetrios - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 1054 - Chiakalakes, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 1106 - Codsogeorga, James G. - aka Coutsoge, James G. - Declaration of Intention

Line 1107 - Codsogeorga, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1185 - Cremidas, Erackles - Declaration of Intention

Line 1302 - Dates, Sarafem - Declaration of Intention

Line 1352 - Dedes, Serafim - aka Dates, Serafem - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1373 - Demos, Alex - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1411 - Dimopolos, John - Declaration of Intention

Line 1482 - Dupont, Nicholas - Petitions for Naturalization

Line 1483 - Dupont, Nicolay - Petitions for Naturalization

Line 1522 - Efstahiou, Demitrios - Declaration of Intention

Line 1523 - Efstathin, Steve K. - Declaration of Intention

Line 1524 - Efstathiu, Steve K. - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1626 - Eovehev, John Pope - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1696 - Evaggelou, Stelianos - Declaration of Intention

Line 1744 - Feminis, Elias - aka Femis, Louis - Naturalization Case Files

Line 1746 - Feninis, Elias - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1795 - Flengas, Antonios - aka Flagg, Tony - Declaration of Intnetion

Line 1796 - Flengas, Antonios - aka Flagg, Tony - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1935 - Garafas, Spiro V. - Declaration of Intention

Line 1955 - Gatsulie, Alexandro - Declaration of Intention

Line 1962 - Geamalis, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 1978 - Gerasimos, Petsieris - aka Spencer, Jerry - Declaration of Intention

Line 1979 - Gerasimos, Petsieris - Declaration of Intention

Line 1986 - Gianacopoulos, Tom Peter - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1987 - Giatrakos, Nicholas - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1988 - Giatrakos, Nicholas - aka Giatros, Nick - Petition for Naturalization

Line 1989 - Giatrakos, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 1990 - Giatrakos, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 1991 - Giatrakos, Nicolas - Declaration of Intention

Line 2013 - Gisimatos, Aristotelis - aka Matos, Harry - Declaration of Intention

Line 2152 - Grivas, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 2376 - Haralam, Alex - Declaration of Intention

Line 2377 - Haralam, Alex - Petition for Naturalization

Line 2378 - Haralam, Alex - Declaration of Intention

Line 2651 - Horalam, Alex - Petition for Naturalization

Line 2879 - Jeamalis, George - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3243 - Kappas, Lefthery - Declaration of Intention

Line 3246 - Karahlios, Agamemn - Declaration of Intention

Line 3247 - Karanos, John - Declaration of Intention

Line 3274 - Karnaces, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 3298 - Katerenes, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3299 - Katerenis, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 3501 - Kost, John - Declaration of Intention

Line 3505 - Kostas, John - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3507 - Kotaras, Theodoros - Naturalization Case files

Line 3508 - Kotoras, Theodoros - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3510 - Kotsoyanis, William - Declaration of Intention

Line 3511 - Kouloutzos, Zissis - aka Colliants, Jim - Declaration of Intention

Line 3528 - Kremydas, Eracklis - Declaration of Intention

Line 3529 - Kremydas, Eraklis - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3565 - Kunelis, Gust - Declaration of Intention

Line 3566 - Kunelis, Gust - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3567 - Kunelis, Gust - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3601 - Lackas, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 3602 - Lafkiotis, Demetreus - aka Larkiotis, Dimitriou - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3603 - Lafkiotis, Jim - aka Lafkiotis, Dimitreus - Naturalization Petitions Denied File

Line 3604 - Lafkiotis, Jim - aka Lafkiotis, Dimitriou - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3630 - Langas, Constantin - Declaration of Intention

Line 3835 - Liagovas, Nick Soteru - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3907 - Lorandos, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 3908 - Lorandos, George - Naturalization Clerk Correspondence

Line 3909 - Lorandos, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3910 - Lorandos, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3911 -  Lorandos, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3912 -  Lorandos, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 3992 - Macaronis, Nicholas - Petition for Naturalization

Line 3993 - Macaronis, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 4091 - Manos, John - Petition for Naturalization

Line 4092 - Manos, John - Petition for Naturalization

Line 4095 - Mantzos, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 4098 - Manzoris, Constantin - Declaration of Intention

Line 4200 - Matos, Harry - aka Gisimatos, Aristotelis - Declaration of Intention

Line 4201 - Matos, Harry - aka Gisimatos, Aristotelis - Declaration of Intention

Line 4202 - Matos, Harry - aka Gisimatos, Aristotelis - Petition for Naturalization

Line 4357 - Mel, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 4442 - Mitchell, Nicholas - Declaration of Intention

Line 4696 - Nicholas, Ernest - Declaration of Intention

Line 4704 - Nicko, Pete - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5074 - Ossorguine, Michel Athanase - aka Ossorgin, Athansius - Declaration of Intention

Line 5117 - Pafelis, Thomas - Declaration of Intention

Line 5129 - Panagiotacos, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 5130 - Pangiotacos, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5142 - Pappadatos, Pete - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5143 - Pappadatos, Peter - aka Pappas, Pete - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5144 - Pappadatos, Peter - aka Pappas, Pete - Declaration of Intention

Line 5145 - Pappaeoanou, Demetrios - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5146 - Pappaioanou, Demetrio - Declaration of Intention

Line 5147 - Pappanstasioiu, Angelos Kalcope - aka Pappas, Angelos Kalcope - Declaration of Intention

Line 5152 - Parnaros, Nickolas Pappathanas- aka Pappas, Nick - Declaration of Intention

Line 5374 - Pittas, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 5375 - Pittas, George Demetreau - Naturalization Petitions Denied File

Line 5376 - Pittas, George - Naturalization Petitions Denied File

Line 5379 - Pleones, Konstantinos - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5405 - Poutselas, Mike - Declaration of Intention

Line 5424 - Protopapas, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 5425 - Protopapas, James - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5428 - Psomyades, Clement - Declaration of Intention

Line 5429 - Psyhas, George Konstantina - Petition for Naturalization

Line 5486 - Rapanos, Nikolaos - Declaration of Intention

Line 5565 - Revelos, Stavros G. - Declaration of Intention

Line 5792 - Sakataris, Constantine - Declaration of Intention

Line 5793 - Sakelaropulos, Vasilios - aka Pullos, William - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 6053 - Simsaroglew, Nicolas - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6054 - Simsaroglew, Nicolas - Declaration of Intention

Line 6065 - Sioutos, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 6101 - Skeanes, George John - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6228 - Stamateos, Adam - aka Adams, Stamateos - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6229 - Stamulos, James - Declaration of Intention

Line 6246 - Stathakes, George - Declaration of Intention

Line 6568 - Thanos, Gust - Declaration of Intention

Line 6569 - Theodora, George - Court Clerk Correspondence

Line 6570 - Theodorichos, Damamos - Declaration of Intention

Line 6571 - Theodorichos, Damianos - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6653 - Todoulos, Spiridon D. - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6725 - Tsoustas, Constantinos Athanasios - Declaration of Intention

Line 6726 - Tsoustas, Constantinos Athanasios - Petition for Naturalization

Line 6787 - Valasaracos, John - aka Velissarako, Ioannis - Petition for Naturalization

Line 7062 - Wicko, Pete - Declaration of Intention

Line 7256 - Zingeris, Andreas Leo - Petition for Naturalization

Line 7264 - Zouras, Peter - Declaration of Intention