History of Columbia, South Carolina Greek-American Colony 1884-1934

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Fiftieth Anniversary



Printed in cooperation by the members of Columbia
Greek-American Colony and their friends.
by D. Adallis, Author


Noted on the cover:
Dear Sir or Madam:
Kindly accept this brochure as an ingratiating gesture
from the part of your Greek-American citizens and
their children.  After reading please preserve same as an 
historical document.  Respectfully,
The Greek-American Citizens of Columbia.



- Foreward; Ancient Greeks and Modern Americans

- Among Our Friends

- The Great American Empire; The Birth of the American Nation - Greek Americans of Preimmigration Period

- Historical Sketch of Columbia Greek Colony (Chronologically Arranged)

- The Americanization of the Greek;  A Greek Organization in Columbia - Order of Ahepa Columbia Chapter 284

- Two Outstanding Philhellenes;  Lawson D. Goore and S. A. Sabagha

- Greek Religious Life

- Directory of Columbia's Greek Business Places (includes personal notes regarding each business and it's owner)

- List of Greek Families of Columbia and the Number of Their Columbia Born Children


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